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Bucknell University is a private university located in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and offers liberal arts education to its students.

Founded in 1846, the university features diverse programs including management, education, engineering and music. Apart from these regular courses, the university also offers pre-professional advice to students in health and law professions. With 10:1 student faculty ratio, the faculty here ensures that students remain their first priority.

Students can choose their course from a range of more than 60 minors and 50 majors. Also, the students can take advantage of overseas study, undergraduate research, career externships and many other leadership opportunities. Students admitted here come from 66 international countries and even more than that. In this way, students can benefit from the personal learning experience that they gain along with the greatest opportunities that the university has in store for them. The dynamic environment never stops the chance to grow and learn. In addition, the students are given the responsibilities of running the radio station, literary publications and newspaper. National headlining concerts are a regular stuff here.

The Bucknell Campus is a 450-acre campus comprising many buildings such as art gallery, performing arts center and fitness center. All students housing are provided with the facility of high-speed internet.

Apart from these, the Bucknell University supports 41 clubs that hosts 200 events in a year. This way they take an initiative to unite thousands of alumni, friends and parents.

Bucknell is also committed to sustaining the health as well as the safety of the campus society. This is done by providing members of the Bucknell community with recreation services, psychological services, emergency communications, public safety, prevention services and the like. The aim behind offering these services is to foster a supportive and safe environment that will not only keep the Bucknell members healthy but also help them to succeed in their personal, professional and academic goals.

Further, Bucknell also believes in cultivating civic responsibility. Thereby, the students develop leadership skills and hence they are easily able to make connections between real world experience and classroom learning. Bucknell students are free to join any of the university's service organizations and it's completely their choice whether they want to join the organization as an individual or as a group. As such, taking an active part in community services is a great way to share talents with others and learn skills that are valuable not only during the college life but beyond it as well and Bucknell students are aware of this.

Undergraduate Majors Include:

Animal Behavior
• Anthropology
• Art and Art History
• Biology
• Cell Biology and Biochemistry
• Chemistry
• Classics
• Comparative Humanities
• Computer Science
• East Asian Studies
• Economics
• Education
• English
• Environmental Geology
• Environmental Science
• Environmental Studies
• French
• Geography
• Geology
• German
• History
• Interdisciplinary Studies in Economics and Mathematics
• International Relations
• Italian Studies
• Latin American Studies
• Linguistics
• Mathematics
• Music
• Neuroscience
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Religion
• Russian
• Sociology
• Spanish
• Theatre
• Women's and Gender Studies
• Accounting and Financial Management
• Global Management
• Managing for Sustainability
• Management for Engineers
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil and Environmental Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Science and Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Management for Engineers
• PreHealth Professions
• Prelaw

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